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Betpro Tennis Betting in Pakistan: A Complete Guide

Tennis – A sport believed to have been invented by a British army lieutenant named Walter Clopton Wingfield in 1873. Like Cricket or Football, this sport became popular during the colonial period in England. Tennis attracts fans worldwide with its fast-paced action and fierce competition. In Pakistan, tennis enthusiasts can enhance their passion for this sport by participating in tennis betting on the popular platform, Betpro.

3 Features of Tennis Betting in Betpro Pakistan

Below are 3 outstanding features that Betpro uniquely brings to players in Pakistan. These features are designed to optimize the user experience specifically for Pakistan

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Live Betting

Don’t worry about missing out on the match. With Betpro, players can easily place bets even after the match has started. This real-time betting feature enhances the user experience, making them feel like they are directly participating in the match. Customers can enjoy the excitement of rallies along the net, ace-serving moments, or net-running situations.

And don’t worry about changing your mind; you can change your betting choice throughout the match. If you’ve ever witnessed the golden moments of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, surely none of us would miss the twists in their nail-biting matches. The excitement of Tennis lies in the athletes’ stamina. As time goes on, the one with more endurance emerges as the victor.

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Compatibility with Mobile Devices

In today’s digital world, we spend countless hours each day using our smartphones. Betpro understands the convenience that smartphones bring. Not falling behind this trend, Betpro has improved accessibility to customers by focusing on developing an ultra-convenient betting app. With a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, players can use the Betpro app effortlessly.

Even when you’re sitting on the bus after a tiring day at work, or taking a quick lunch break at a convenience store, with the Betpro App, you can access betting from anywhere. Moreover, with the mobile device app, you can conveniently browse through different matches, analyze odds, and place bets with just a few taps on your device.

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Competitive Odds

Betpro strives to offer competitive odds for tennis betting, ensuring that you have access to favorable betting opportunities. The platform’s odds are regularly updated to reflect the latest developments in the game and provide a fair and exciting betting experience. By offering competitive odds, Betpro aims to attract bettors and provide them with a rewarding betting experience.

3 Different Tennis Bet Types in Betpro

Besides traditional binary betting, Betpro offers players a plethora of betting options. Here are the 3 most popular types of bets in Betpro Pakistan Tennis Betting:

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Match Winner

For newcomers to betting, there is no easier bet to understand than this traditional type of bet. Here, players simply choose one of the two players, place their desired amount, and await the result. It’s also a way for fans to express their affection for their favorite tennis players.

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Set Betting

A tennis match consists of points, games, and sets counted overall for the match. In major men’s tournaments like Grand Slams, the winner must win 3 sets to win the match, while other tournaments usually play 3 sets, with the winner needing to win 2 sets to win the match. In each set, the player who wins 6 games first wins the set but must lead by 2 games.

Set betting becomes more exciting with the scoring rules mentioned above. Here, bettors must understand the rules, and scoring, and make their betting choices. Moreover, in this type of betting, players don’t necessarily have to choose the match winner but can focus on the set outcome.

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Handicap Betting

This is a type of bet where players predict a tennis player to win with a certain score in sets. In men’s singles matches, players play up to 5 sets. This means a player can win with a score of 3-0, 3-2, or 3-1. The handicap odds will be -2.5 and -1.5, if the player you choose wins with a score of 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2, you will be the winner.

This type of bet is certainly riskier than betting on the match winner, but you can benefit from longer odds. There are also handicap bets on other aspects of each match. For example, there may be a handicap based on the number of games won by the player. These markets are more diverse because there may be a larger gap between the number of games won by one of the players.

What Are The Odds For Different Tennis Bets on Betpro?

Betpro always provides diversity in betting options, and the betting odds on our platform constantly fluctuate to ensure market continuity. Betting odds are influenced by various market factors such as the players’ rankings, recent form, head-to-head records, and the match conditions.

These dynamic Tennis betting odds are presented in decimal format, where higher numerical values represent larger potential payouts. To determine your potential winnings, a simple calculation is used: multiply the amount you want to bet by the decimal odds related to the bet you’ve chosen.

By understanding these betting odds and using them effectively, you can make informed decisions tailored to the risk-reward balance you desire when participating in football betting on the Betpro platform.

How to Claim Betpro Bonuses for Tennis Betting?

Claiming bonuses for tennis betting on Betpro is a simple process. Follow these steps to make the most of the available bonuses:

  1. Sign up or log in to your Betpro account: Visit the Betpro website or app (Do not forget your promotions section)
  2. Read the terms and conditions associated with each bonus to understand the eligibility criteria, wagering requirements, and any specific rules.
  3. Click on the “Claim” button or follow the specified instructions to activate the bonus. Ensure that you meet all the requirements to qualify for the bonus.

How to Choose the Best Tennis Matches to Bet on with Betpro?

Choose the right tournament to seek victory, with a dense schedule of tournaments, the Grand Slam tournaments taking place throughout the year, not everyone understands all the rules and culture at all tournaments. Here are 3 basic strategies for bettors to consider:

  • Market research and analysis: Bettors should focus on gathering information about the match such as head-to-head records, playing styles, or injuries, and form. For example, legendary players Federer-Nadal; Focus on studying their match-ups. In 2011, with 4 Grand Slam tournaments taking place in Miami, Madrid, the French Open, World Tour Finals, Nadal easily won the first 3 matches. It seemed like the final victory would come easily for Rafael Nadal, but fans witnessed Federer win with a significant difference in consecutive sets in the final match.
  • Analyzing match conditions: Evaluate the playing conditions, including the court surface, weather conditions, and the importance of the tournament. Some players excel on specific surfaces, which can significantly impact the match outcome. For example, some players perform exceptionally well on clay courts like the king of clay – Rafael Nadal, or more recently, Carlos Alcaraz, and Stefanos Tsitsipas, while others thrive on grass or hard courts. Understanding match conditions and how they align with the strengths of the players can help you make more accurate predictions.
  • Follow expert insights: There’s no reason to overlook reputable sources of information. Reporters and journalists dedicate much of their day to tracking and analyzing tennis. Their evaluations provide a much more careful and detailed perspective than fans watching through a screen. However, experts cannot replace each individual as sometimes decisions from the heart are the most appropriate choices.

How To Place Tennis Betting on the Betpro App?

Placing tennis bets on the Betpro app is a user-friendly process that can be completed in four simple steps:

  1. Download and Install the Betpro App: download the official Betpro app from the official website or your device’s app store.
  2. Log in or Create a New Account: For new users, create a new account by providing the required information and completing the registration process.
  3. Navigate to the Tennis Section: Here, you’ll find a list of upcoming tennis matches and tournaments available for betting.
  4. Select the Match and Place Your Bet: Choose the desired match you want to bet on from the available options.


Betpro Pakistan always reminds itself that nothing can replace the user experience. From that core value, Betpro has been striving to provide an exciting tennis betting experience to users. By enhancing services such as live betting options, competitive odds, and mobile compatibility, Betpro offers a comprehensive platform for tennis enthusiasts to enjoy the thrill of betting. As professional bettors, Betpro always aims for a professional gambling environment.


To place a tennis bet on Betpro, download the official app, create an account, navigate to the tennis section, select a match, choose a bet type, enter your stake amount, review your selections, and click “Place Bet” to confirm.

The legal status of tennis betting in Pakistan may vary. It is advisable to consult local laws or seek legal advice to determine the legality of sports betting, including tennis betting, in your specific jurisdiction.

Tennis betting odds are shown as decimals or fractions. Decimal odds indicate the total payout for each unit wagered, while fractional odds illustrate the potential profit and stake needed.