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Betpro Disclaimer

Betpro is a prominent online casino platform in the South Asian region. Established in 2019 by the passion of Danyaal Hasan – the platform’s founder. Online gambling enthusiasts worldwide as well as in Pakistan may already be familiar with our application. After nearly 10 years of research and 5 years of operation, we have brought the most exhilarating experiences to users and also provided life-changing opportunities for countless players. However, before embarking on your betting journey, it is important to understand the risks associated with gambling and familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations governing online gambling in Pakistan.

Risks of Gambling

Gambling always carries inherent risks, so Betpro always wants players to be aware of them before participating. These risks include:

  • Financial risk: Gambling is a double-edged sword; if smartly approached, it can be a highly effective economic lever. However, for players lacking sufficient knowledge, gambling poses significant financial risks. Players need to establish budgets and only gamble with money they can afford to lose. Avoid chasing losses or using gambling as a means to solve financial difficulties.
  • Addiction risk: This is one of the most common risks in online gambling. With its allure, online gambling can easily lure users into a dreamlike state. Do not spend too much time each day gambling. Gamble responsibly and use it for its intended purpose of enhancing your mental well-being. If you find yourself unable to control your gambling habits, experiencing negative consequences in your personal or professional life, or neglecting other responsibilities, seek help from professional organizations specializing in gambling addiction.
  • Emotional risk: Winning a large sum of money or defeating a high-level opponent can make you happy all day. However, there are also times when risks occur, and emotional ups and downs are inevitable in this type of game. Try to maintain a calm mindset when engaging with Baji Live. Play responsibly.

Laws and Regulations on Gambling in Pakistan

Online gambling must adhere to the laws and regulations in Pakistan. As a user, you are responsible for ensuring that you comply with these laws. Some key points to consider include:

  1. Legal Age: You must be of legal age as per Pakistani law to participate in online gambling activities. In Pakistan, the legal gambling age is typically 18 years old and above. This is the age at which each person has clear awareness and can be responsible for their behavior.
  2. Jurisdiction Restrictions: Online gambling platforms may have specific jurisdiction restrictions. Ensure that you are accessing Betpro from a location where online gambling is legally permitted. With a vast geographical area in the South Asian region, players need to research gambling laws in each area to ensure that the place they are engaging in betting activities is permitted by the authorities.
  3. Tax Obligations: Be a responsible and civilized gambler. Every citizen’s tax obligation when participating in online gambling is essential. Therefore, users should research local tax regulations to be more proactive in this matter.

Contacting Betpro Customer Support

Here are some convenient ways to contact our dedicated customer support team, available 24/7, if you have any concerns, questions, or assistance you may need while using the Betpro platform:

  • Email: Send an email to our customer support team at We strive to respond to all inquiries promptly and provide the assistance you require.
  • Live chat: Access the live chat feature on the Betpro website to engage in real-time conversations with our customer support representatives.
  • Phone support: If you prefer more direct access, you can reach out to our customer support team via phone. Dial our toll-free number, 9221-2413447, to speak with a representative who will be happy to assist you.
  • Social media: Connect with us on our official social media channels, such as Twitter or Facebook. Our customer support team actively monitors these platforms, allowing you to reach out and receive support through direct messages or public posts.
  • Help center: Access the Betpro Help Center on our website, where you can find a comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and helpful articles.

Self-Exclusion from Betpro

Betpro encourages players to self-protect because we understand that there is no better protection measure than self-protection. If you believe you need to stop gambling or want to limit access to the Betpro platform, self-exclusion will be available as an option. Betpro never wants to force its users to gamble. We welcome everyone and respect everyone’s privacy rights.


When you engage in the Betpro platform for online sports betting, it’s important to understand the related risks, adhere to laws and regulations, and utilize responsible gambling tools and resources provided. Betpro is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable gambling environment, and by practicing responsible gambling, you can enhance your betting experience while minimizing potential risks.